What is contract hire and is it for me and my Telehandler?

Telehandler contract hire

What is contract hire ?

Offering customers the chance to "rent" a piece of equipment over a fixed period of time (traditionally 24-48 months) - often tied in with a service and maintenance package for the entire duration.

Ownership remains with in this case "Green Handlers UK" who manage the depreciation and disposal of the equipment.

Why it could be right for you

Are you tired with the cost of new equipment continuing to rise, much sharper than farm income is increasing?

Construction companies cash flow can at times be unpredictable, and the cost to purchase and maintain this equipment can be costly - Contract Hire with Green Handlers UK can be your solution to these problems.

Are you fed up with large unexpected bills once your expensive equipment comes out of warranty ?

If the answer to both of the questions above is yes, then Contract Hire through Green Handlers UK, could be the right choice for you

Benefits of contract hire

Fixed monthly instalments for entire length of term, making budget planning much easier.

Flexible terms to meet your finance requirements, and driving habits.

Allows you to use the latest in equipment which might otherwise be unobtainable.

Service and maintenance of equipment can be spread over entire period - with variable machine hours terms, and contract duration.

Considerations for contract hire

You will never own the vehicle as there is no option to buy it.

Early termination can be expensive.


You must return the equipment in a well maintained condition. Any damage over and above that stated in the Fair Wear and Tear Guide will be subject to additional charges.


If you have exceeded your agreed hours of usage, an excess hours charge will be payable, worked out on a 'pence per hour, basis as set at the start of your contract.

frequently asked questions

Manitou MLA - T 533 - 145 - V+ Telehandler contract Hire Green Handlers UK

Is Servicing included ?

Green Handlers UK includes a full service and maintenance package on all machines sold.

Depending on the agreed annul hour usage, a service plan is drawn up and agreed prior to the agreement commencing.

What if I damage the machine ?

Minor damage such as light site "scuffs and scrapes" are unlikely to be an issue and are covered under the "fair wear & tear" policy, indicated within a customer agreement.

What lengths of contracts are available ?

Simply - Green Handlers UK can put together any length package to suit any customer monetary and business needs.

Traditional agreements are usually spread between 24-60 months.

Does it matter where I am based ?

Green Handlers UK proudly shares its values with its chosen market leading manufacturers. 

We operate with a full manufacturers approved national distribution agreement - Meaning no matter where you are geographically based, Green Handlers UK can assist you.

We have a true full national reach with 9 depots nationwide, a full service and unrivalled parts department, all accompanied with over 20 years of dedicated Telehandler and ROTO experience.

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