Supporting your Telehandler & ROTO machinery

Providing unrivalled support Nationwide

To run the UK's largest fleet of Roto and Heavy Lift Telehandlers, you need a service department able to react at a moments notice to reach any site in the UK within hours, and able to provide an effective repair in the most difficult of conditions. 

Working under pressure, with tight deadlines and still maintaining the highest standards of safety and competency is a must in our industry, and a matter of pride for our engineers.

Operating from fully stocked service vans our engineers travel the length and breadth of the country specializing in telehandler repair and maintenance, backed up by our extensive parts warehouse in Yorkshire. 

As a Green Handlers UK customer you too could enjoy the benefits of this network. And since we stock our full range of products in all of our 9 depots throughout the UK, if a replacement machine is required for whatever reason, we can deliver.


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