Merlo Telehandler


Giving the customer complete control and peace of mind

Green Handlers UK and its other branded companies have invested heavily in bringing its customers their very own personal plant and machinery tracking platform - in order to allow customers to track and diagnose faults within their fleet of machinery.

Our very own system allows you to :

1) History

Simple history screen allows you to review and download information for up to 12 months

2) Zones

The Geo fence feature allows you to add any number of zones and up to 10 contacts to be alerted when entering or leaving a zoned area.

3) Immobilisation

The trackers can be wired in to allow you to disable the machinery with the click of a button.

4) Security

Peace of mind that your machinery has protection against theft and may reduce your insurance costs.

5) Diagnostics

Allows us to diagnose problems with your machine(s) our service centre, ensuring a swift and effective response to any problems that may occur.

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